The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln

Monday May 14, 2012

People often ask why on earth I decided to write a thriller about an impeachment trial of our greatest President.

The answer is simple.  I thought it would be fun to write, and fun to read.

I have long been a Lincoln fan, as well as something of an amateur Lincoln buff, and it occurred to me that given all the silliness that passes for serious political dialogue nowadays, it would be worthwhile to remember an era when great ideas were really at stake, and when Presidents and Congressmen alike routinely went beyond their constitutional powers when it suited their ends.  Lincoln really did shutter oppositon newspapers and suspend the right of habeas corpus and ignore court orders to release prisoners and use the military to keep a state legislature from meeting.  Now, I am happy that nobody tried to impeach him;  but novels revolve around what-if.  So I asked myself, what if he had survived Booth's assassination attempt? What if the Congress had tried to remove him from office?

From that premise, I built a courtroom thriller, which I then wrapped inside a murder mystery.

My protagonist is a young black woman, Abigail Canner, who wants desperately to be a lawyer, at a time when every lawyer in America was male, and all but about a half dozen were white.  Through her eyes we see both the great and the wretched of the nation as Lincoln tries, even facing impeachment, to comprar viagra continue binding up the wounds of war.

I had fun writing The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln.  I hope you have as much fun reading it.

Posted by Stephen Carter at 05:41pm


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