Back Channel

Thursday July 10, 2014

Thanks for visiting. I'd like to take a moment and introduce my new novel, Back Channel, a thriller set against the background of the Cuban Missile Crisis....

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The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln

Monday May 14, 2012

People often ask why on earth I decided to write a thriller about an impeachment trial of our greatest President. The answer is simple.  I thought it would be fun to write, and fun to read. ...

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Friday May 7, 2010

Sorry to have been away so long.  I was actually finishing another book -- now, happily, about done. ...

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Thursday July 2, 2009

A reporter asked me about my decision to write, in Jericho's Fall, a novel with a protagonist not a member of what I have called in my other novels "the darker nation."  A couple of reviewers have also commented that my main character, Beck DeForde, is white. ...

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Friday June 19, 2009

I will be using this blog mainly to recommend books by others – or, occasionally, to criticize them.  And, yes, I am well aware of the marketing principles that advise against this.  But I love books generally, and hope you will buy plenty of them, whether mine or someone else’s. ...

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The importance of books to democracy

Friday June 19, 2009

Have you ever thought about the importance of books to democracy?  I have in mind not just literacy, or reading, but actual, physical books. I have been giving the matter a lot of thought lately, trying to understand why democracy spread as books spread, not as literacy spread; and why, as books decline, the respect for the opinions of others that lies at the heart of the democratic process also seems to be dying. ...

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